educational stem toys for 7 year olds

Ages 7-8


Best STEM Toys for 7 Year Olds in 2023

At age 7, a child’s brain is really starting to develop incredibly. It’s incredible just how much awareness and understanding a child achieves in such a short amount of time. They will also begin craving more STEM toys like never before, and we’re proud to say that we stock plenty of educational stem toys for 7 year olds which will satisfy their need for bigger challenges. Once they get bitten by the STEM bug, there is no turning back!

Gadget Mouse Robo Pal
Back Together Again
Gears Galaxy
Subterranean STEM Ship Odyssey
Proper Nouns Drawing Keycards
Colorful Fraction Skyscrapers
Young Artists Drawing Galaxy
Animal Focus Wild Telescope
Peppa Pig Discovery Strap
STEM Dino City NeoTerra
World AR Globetrotters
Basic Shapes Foundation Grid
Safe STEM Bug Catching Kit
Mozart Junior Masters
STEM Goggles Color Vision
Codex the Programming Machine
Kids Nature's Binoculars