stem toys for 6 year olds

Ages 6-7


      Best STEM Toys for 6-Year-Olds in 2021 

      It’s incredible just how fast children grow up, and how quickly they can grasp complicated topics. There are so many incredible educational toys for 6-year-olds which they will be able to throw themselves into completely. A child at this age can better understand what they are working within the STEM realm. There are plenty of awesome gifts in our toy store which will foster a 6-year-old’s hunger for science, technology, engineering and math!

      Geometric STEM Bubble Magic
      Luminous Magical Terrarium
      Nature Microscope for Young Scientists
      $38.99 Regular price $39.99 Sale price
      Gator Go-Go Jump
      Learning Lizard Hero Watch
      Homeschool Reading Mastery Kit
      Tiny Adventurers STEM Microscope
      The Magnetic Artist’s Infinity Pad
      Global Investigator Microscope
      Solar-Powered Roving Machine
      Sensory Goggles STEM Tour
      Spelling and Vocabulary Slider Board
      Volcanic Science MechaMountain
      $25.99 Regular price $34.99 Sale price
      Sounding Words Keycard Box
      The Wonderful World of Learning
      Intelligent Time Media Watch