Stem Toys and Educational Toys for 1 Year Olds

Ages 0-1


      Best STEM Toys for 1 Year Olds in 2023

      Your baby has finally reached the age where they can safely play with toys, isn’t that exciting? Of course, you will probably want to spend some time browsing through our toys appropriate for little one year olds. While they may not exactly be old enough for STEM toys at this age, there are plenty of awesome toys for babies available which will help grow their rapidly developing minds and bodies.

      Baby Bear Song Learner
      Hand Powered Rainbow Torch
      Mathematical Counting Baby Dinosaur
      The Colorful Creatures Shapes Arranger
      Purple Ellie Sensory Lessons
      Children Steering Wheel Learners
      Interactive 3D Learning Cube
      My First Push & Pop Bulldozer
      Baby First Phone
      Giggling Musical Lessons Keyboard
      Future Hoop Masters Junior
      Baby Ball Exploration Buddy
      Sort and Discover Activity Cube
      Alphabet Pooch
      Animal Farm Cute Construction
      Shining Light Toddler Guide
      Pop-a-Ball Bulldozer
      Baby Avocadancer Guitar
      Button Butterfly Stimulator
      Universal Fiddling Control
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