The 10 Best Stem Toys Gifts for 7-Year-Olds

Up until quite recently, people sadly underestimated just how intelligent and capable young children are. Kids as young as 7-years-old are more than ready to begin interacting with STEM and STEM toys. That being said, 7-year-olds do need games, puzzles, and science experiments that are appropriate to their development stage.

Here are 10 of the most exciting, stimulating, and involving STEM toys for this age group.

1. Gadget Mouse Robo Pal

Gadget Mouse Robo Pal stem toys for 7 yeare olds

Coding is something that kids need to begin learning from a young age. The Gadget Mouse Robo Pal introduces kids to coding in a fun and adorable way. Program the cute robot mouse to zip about in a number of directions. Kids can guide their robot mouse through different mazes and see how coding works in action.

2. Magic Multi Level Course

Magic Multi Level Course toys for 7 year kids

The Magic Multi Level Course is a fascinating marble run that kids can build themselves with colorful wooden blocks. Watch as the marbles roll their way down the different tiers, through obstacles like fans, before spinning down the wooden whirlpool to their final destination. Marble runs can be incredibly educational when kids develop their hand-eye coordination and begin to understand how kinetic energy works.

3. Robo Animals Constructors

Robo Animals Constructors

Kids love animals, which is why the Robo Animals Constructors collection has cleverly fused simple robotics with the animal kingdom. Provided is a variety of unique plastic and robotic pieces that can be assembled into a mechanical dog, monkey, and chicken. These robotic animals will then come to life before kids’ eyes, andthey can then excitingly control their new pets.

4. Junior Spy Fingerprint Detector

Junior Spy Fingerprint Detector toys and Gift

The Junior Spy Fingerprint Detector teaches kids some of the intricacies of real-life detective work. One of the most essential ways that detectives find clues is through detecting fingerprints, and that is exactly what this kit demonstrates to kids. Fingerprints can be left on one of the many identification cards by first pressing on the ink block and then closely inspecting themark left behind with the magnifying glass.

5. Nature’s Microscope for Young Scientists

Nature’s Microscope for Young Scientists toys

Before kids embark on their adventure through biology and science, they will need to learn how a microscope works. Nature’s Microscope for Young Scientists will gently introduce children to the beautiful and wonderous microscopic world. This microscope was designed to be cute and colorful to be more appealing to young children.

6. Addition All Day Keycards

Addition All Day Keycards

7-year-olds will be entering a new level of math challenges at school or homeschooling this year. Math tests and quizzes will then be far more difficult and stressful for kids. The Addition All Day Keycards set was designed to help kids learn addition as fast as possible so that they can calmly and confidently take on any test challenge. Included are 169 cards with simple addition equations that kids will soon be speeding through. 

7. Motoring Minions Rocketship

Motoring Minions Rocketship

Who knew that one the best education toys available today would have been inspired by Despicable Me? It makes sense given the immense popularity of the adorable Minions. Gru’s awesome rocket can be built by kids while developing an interest in rocket science. Building blocks are great ways for children to develop their most productive and capable skills.

8. Ethical Ecosystems Trapper

Ethical Ecosystems Trapper

Motivating kids to play outside can be something of a challenge in urban areas, what with so many gadgets, smart devices, and video games trapping their minds and bodies. The Ethical Ecosystem Trapper was designed to inspire kids to get back out into the beautiful open world. It is a safe and comfortable cage that kids can keep all manner of critters inside for a short period of time.

9. STEM STEAM Rocket Booster

 STEM STEAM Rocket Booster for 7 year olds

The wonder of rockets is finally in your children’s hands with the STEM STEAM Rocket Booster. Kids will have a blast constructing the innovative launch pad before they get to blasting their rocket high into the air. This incredible set teaches children about inertia and energy conversion.

10. The Wonder of the Magnetic Being

The Wonder of the Magnetic Being

The human body is a complex and almost magical system that kids will begin learning about in their biology or life sciences classes. The Wonder of the Magnetic Being is a magnetized set of human body part tiles that can be assembled on a whiteboard. Kids will learn all about the intricacies of muscles, the human skeleton, the circulatory system, and the digestive system with this lifelike puzzle.

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