The 21 Leading STEM Toys for Kids in 2021 That Would Make Amazing Gifts

The innovative designers behind this year’s STEM toys range have a sensational collection in store for kids. STEM toys are a magnificent way for kids to boost their fundamental scientific skills and become truly invested in the world around them. Here are 21 of the most inspiring and educational wonders that have just hit the shelves.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Solar-Powered Mech

Engineer your own solar-powered mech and learn the true power of solar energy.

Environmentally Friendly Solar-Powered Mech


  1. Junior Coder Robot Companion

Become familiar with the fundamentals of coding as you program an amazing bot to kick a small soccer ball around.

Junior Coder Robot Companion


  1. Mega Magnets Ball Tumble

Design and construct an amazing 2D marble run with 28 track pieces that can be stuck onto fridges and other metallic surfaces.

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  1. Ant Jungle Terrarium

Enter the fascinating world of ants with this fully functioning and safe terrarium.

Ant Jungle Terrarium
  1. Microscopic Mysteries of Science Kit

This simple but powerful microscope will be your kids’ introductions to the magnificent microscopic world.

  1. Intelligent Time Media Watch

Smartwatches are not just for adults! The Intelligent Time Media Watch fits snugly and safely around kids’ wrists and is installed with all manner of awesome apps and features.

Microscopic Mysteries of Science Kit
  1. Luminous Magical Terrarium

Can you imagine having a jarful of nature safely stored and displayed in your own bedroom that lights up at night?

Microscopic Mysteries of Science Kit
  1. Cool Circuit Kids Adventure

With over 175 circuitry challenges, the Cool Circuit Kids Adventure will introduce your children to circuitry with an involving problem-solving initiative.

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  1. Rock Breaker Geology Crew

Enter the world of geology with this kid-friendly geology set. Put on your safety goggles and begin smashing through 4 different geodes that are brimming with fascinating crystals.

  1. Super Color Droppers

Our world is a superbly colorful one, and the Super Color Droppers will show young children just how much they can do with the six provided eyedroppers. The eyedroppers can be filled with a variety of beautiful dyes that can then be dotted on paper and other craft forms.

Super Color Droppers
  1. Solar Power Learning Set

The Solar Power Learning Set provides kids with a heater, lightbulb, and fan that can all be powered by the sun’s radiant energy. Kids will need to assemble the solar power circuit first, and then attach it to one of the three appliances.

Solar Power Learning Set
  1. Mini Microscope Global Scientist

Kids on the move need never be detached from the magic of science. The Mini Microscope Global Scientist is a pocket-sized microscope with a 20x – 60x magnification that kids can carry with them to friends’ houses, on holiday, and even to school.

Mini Microscope Global Scientist


  1. Renaissance Kid’s Inventor Guide

Fill in the shoes of the Renaissance’s leading inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci himself! The Renaissance Kid’s Inventor Guide lets kids construct three historical military siege engines: a ballista, cannon, and catapult.

Renaissance Kid’s Inventor Guide


  1. Deep Blue Sea Excavation

The fossilized remains of an ancient shark are waiting for you to employ your developing archeological skills and bring them back to the surface! The Deep Blue Sea Excavation will take kids on an awesome mini dig with a scary shark-shaped bust that needs to be chiseled away.

Deep Blue Sea Excavation
  1. Tiny Car Racing

The Tiny Car Racing game is unlike other racing games in the market, as the fuel is math! Race against your friends and family members by rolling the dice and solving simple math problems, with each successful answer racing your car one step closer to the finish line.

Tiny Car Racing
  1. Multitool Engineer Mech

Kids love watching and playing with robots, but have they ever considered that they could build their own? The Multitool Engineer Mech allows kids to assemble and deconstruct an awesome green mech with a safe mini-screwdriver.

Multitool Engineer Mech
  1. The Scientific Wizard Exploration Set

When kids understand that science is the real magic in the world, they will become truly committed to a lifelong relationship with STEM. The Scientific Wizard Exploration Set provides 9 different activities for kids to become spellbound by.

The Scientific Wizard Exploration Set
  1. Counting Counters Abacus

Modern kids might have never seen an abacus before, or even know what these historical math tools are. But once they become familiarized with the Counting Counters Abacus, they will understand just how powerful this classic wonder is!

Counting Counters Abacus
  1. Gator Go-Go Jump

Stretch out this incredible river-themed mat out and start hopping along the bank with the incredible Gator Go-Go Jump. Kids will roll the dice and play the simple math games that will steer them along this amazing spin on hopscotch.

Gator Go-Go Jump
  1. Marble Machine Racer

Once kids are done reading through the colorful comic guide that comes with the Marble Machine Racer, they will be ready to begin constructing their own unique marble race.

Marble Machine Racer
  1. Cookie Designer Baker Jewelry

Cookie Designer Baker Jewelry


The Cookie Designer Baker Jewelry set combines two of kids’ favorite things: jewelry and baking! Design your own unique and beautiful pieces before popping them into the oven.

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