Ages 1-2 stem toys for 2024

Ages 1-2


Best STEM Toys for 1-2 Years Olds in 2024

Your baby has finally reached the age where they can safely play with toys, isn’t that exciting? Of course, you will probably want to spend some time browsing through our toys appropriate for little one year olds. While they may not exactly be old enough for STEM toys at this age, there are plenty of awesome toys for babies available which will help grow their rapidly developing minds and bodies.

The Colorful Creatures Shapes Arranger
Stacking Tiles Progression
Baby Animals Puzzle Pals
Smart Kids Planet Gift Cards
from $25.00
Disney Musical Guide Puzzle
3D Montessori Shape Puzzle
Textile Counters Numbers and Shapes
Adorable Critters Foundational Puzzles
Montessori Size Matching Baby Game
Animal Wonderland Freedom Paradise
African Adventure Watering Hole Puzzle
Toddlers Wooden Animal 6 Pack Puzzles
Moo-Moo and Farm animals Magnificent Wooden Puzzle
Transport People Puzzles
World of Animal Toddlers 6 Pack Puzzle
Montessori Wooden Crop Up Toy
Powerful Princess Detective Game
Adorable Animals Puzzle Board