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Ages 10-11


      Best STEM Toys for 10 Year Olds in 2023

      One of the biggest challenges to do with raising 10 year olds is that they are quite fussy about the toys and activities they want. We understand that their incredible minds and curiosities seem to be impossible to satisfy! This is why our STEM toys for 10 year olds are so captivating and challenging – only the best can be adequately provided for such little geniuses. You’ll be amazed at how much a ten year old can wrap their little heads around, so don’t hesitate to get them some of our more advanced STEM toys.

      Unicorns Mold & Paint Kit
      Top Scorer Ball Roller
      Rocket Booster STEM Leaper
      Junior Golfer Training Machine
      Magic Floating STEM Magnets
      Super STEM Slime Kings
      Introduction to STEM Mechanics Kit
      Light of Science Mini Microscope
      Jelly STEM Anatomy
      Kids Nature's Binoculars
      from $56.99
      Mega STEM Experiment Pack
      STEM Rainbow Marble Run
      Cyborg Arm STEM Limb
      3D Drawing Pen
      Motoring Minions Rocketship
      Camper Walkie Talkie
      Climate Change STEM Lab
      Sparkling Fun Young Artists Set
      Magnificent Materials STEM Puzzle Wonders
      Junior Spy Fingerprint Detector
      Undercover Kid Agent Pack