stem toys for 6 year olds

Ages 6-7


      Best STEM Toys for 6-Year-Olds in 2024

      It’s incredible just how fast children grow up, and how quickly they can grasp complicated topics. There are so many incredible educational toys for 6-year-olds which they will be able to throw themselves into completely. A child at this age can better understand what they are working within the STEM realm. There are plenty of awesome gifts in our toy store which will foster a 6-year-old’s hunger for science, technology, engineering and math!

      Wooden Montessori Puzzles Including: Dinosaur, Dolphin, Rabbit And Teddy Bear Patterns
      Magic Touch Drawing Board
      Toddler Selfie Camera
      Queens of Memory Game
      Planetarium Projector
      Sweet STEM Candy Science Kit
      Proper Nouns Drawing Keycards
      Rocket Booster STEM Leaper
      Colorful Fraction Skyscrapers
      Peppa Pig Discovery Strap
      Oglabo Color Sphere Matchers
      Safe STEM Bug Catching Kit
      My First Digital Video Cam (Pink)
      Animal Focus Wild Telescope
      My Dinosaur Playbook
      Sam & Sarahs World Vocabulary Learners
      The Growing Writer Computer
      STEM Dino City NeoTerra
      Subterranean STEM Ship Odyssey
      Classic Mending Machine
      Dinosaur Playing City