stem toys for kids


STEM Toys are designed for modern children living in the constantly evolving worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. What better way to foster an early passion for STEM than with toys and games which have been designed to turn children into budding scientists and engineers? STEM Toys cleverly translate these complex and challenging fields into child-friendly and highly absorbing toys, games and experiments.

Solar-Powered Roving Machine
Junior Coder Robot Companion
Junior Geologist Mining Adventure
Mega Magnets Ball Tumble
Sunlight Robomover Family
Personal Circuit Construction Kit
Magic Multi Level Course
Robo Animals Constructors
Intelligent Electronics Track
Solar Power Learning Set
Living Room Science Kit
Renaissance Kid’s Inventor Guide
Tiny Geometry Shapes Collection
The Buckets For Balanced Children
Marble Machine Racer
Shapes and Colors Mathematical Towers
Extreme Metal Marble Circus
Skyscrapers in Fractions
Tiny Bot STEM Pals
STEM STEAM Rocket Booster