10 Stem Toys for Exercising Your Brain

Kids need to have their minds constantly stimulated, that is no mystery. But what might be less obvious is which toys are involving and challenging enough to give them the cerebral boosts that they so desperately need. The growing mind needs to be fed all manner of learning resources, and intelligently designed toys do wonders for developing minds with a variety of problem-solving and critical thinking challenges. These are some of the best STEM and puzzle games on the market today that will inspire a love for science in young adventurers.

1. Genius STEM Tablet Activities

Tablets and iPads are not just for ordinary App Store games. The Genius STEM Tablet Activities set provides kids with a new kind of logic-driven entertainment that fuses tablets and iPads with physical games. The companion app will walk kids through the various tangram, letters, and numbers games. All in all, kids will have five different traditional games to play with, all with a modern twist.

Genius STEM Tablet Activities

2. Parking STEM Puzzle

The Parking STEM Puzzle puts kids in control of a toy parking lot wherean arrangement of colorful sliding cars must be moved around to allow the red car to exit the lot safely. There are 40 different challenges with all manner of different arrangements to keep the game fresh and engaging.

Parking STEM Puzzle

3. Junior Geologist Mining Adventure

Junior Geologist Mining Adventure

Have your kids ever dreamed of being geologists when they grow up? The Junior Geologist Mining Adventure allows them to plunge into a lifelike mound of clay-like material that is filled with 11 beautiful gemstones. They can unearth the sparkling stones with three excavation tools, including a small wooden mallet and chisel.

4. Volcanic Science MechaMountain

Volcanic Science MechaMountain

Sometimes, a classic science experiment is exactly what kids need to develop their love of science. The Volcanic Science MechaMountain is a sensational STEM experience for kids that introduces them to chemistry with its fizzing application. Chemistry needs to be framed entertainingly, and the Volcanic Science MechaMountain is one of the best ways to do that.

5. Crystal Garden Young Scientist Set

Crystals are beautiful and fascinating natural creations that will spellbind your kids. The Crystal Garden Young Scientist Set allows budding scientists to grow seven different crystals that can then be kept in seven corresponding display cases. The Crystal Garden Young Scientist Set will show kids how straightforward seemingly complex scientific wonders are.

6. Electrical Circuit Discovery Set

Electrical Circuit Discovery Set

With over 300 different electrifying projects, the Electrical Circuit Discovery Set will have your kids buzzing about electronics. Watch as they become familiar with the fundamentals of circuitry when they become familiar with the 60 individual circuit parts. Understanding electricity is much easier when you become engaged with a simple but involving electronics system.

7. Global Investigator Microscope

Global Investigator Microscope

Out of all the wonderful new learning experiences and discoveries that kids will enjoy throughout their development, uncovering the secrets of the microscopic world must be one of the most inspiring. The Global Investigator Microscope will allow kids to learn just how detailed and complex the world around them truly is.

8. Codex the Programming Machine

Codex the Programming Machine

It is so vital that children begin learning how to code from as young an age as possible. The world is becoming increasingly digitized, and Codex the Programming Machine will gently and excitingly introduce them to coding. Kids will work through various critical thinking and problem-solving challenges that are unique to programming, all while operating the adorable Codex robot.

9. Undercover Kid Agent Pack

Undercover Kid Agent Pack

Role-playing as a spy is one of the most entertaining ways for kids to develop their senses and perception, and the Undercover Kid Agent Pack will allow them to understand the full power of their eyes and ears. Kids will train in the subtle arts of spycraft with their spy kit consisting of 11 fascinating gadgets and 20 thrilling spy missions.

10. Purple Chatty Zoomer

Purple Chatty Zoomer


With 24 spellbinding images of outer space and many of its magnificent wonders like stars, planets, and comets, the Purple Chatty Zoomer will take your kids on a magical tour of the cosmos. This telescope is a multimedia journey hosted by the host of the hit astrology television series called “Xploration Outer Space”, Emily Dawn Calandrelli.