Relax and Play Chess Set

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  • Chess board and pieces
  • Challenge cards

The Relax and Play Chess Set is the ideal way for children to begin their journey to becoming grandmasters one day! There is no stress or urgency in this relaxing version of the iconic game. Chess is all about taking your time, and you will only get better when you learn to calm down and focus your thoughts. That is what Relax and Play Chess Set is all about, and you are guaranteed a fantastic challenge.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 10.7 x 12.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My kids won't stop playing chess!

The first time my two kids played (age 4 and 6), the younger kid won, and my older one got incredibly upset.

My older kid then learned the game by playing both sides by herself, and laid out some strategies. She can now capture in 4 moves our she plays her cards right!

My 4 year old absolutely loves this game. She wants to play against daddy every night before bed. She loves it so much, that when she misbehaves, her punishment had become "No chess tonight!", and we've only had to do that a few times.

This game does not teach strategy such as pinning or other maneuvers, and only briefly goes over castling and en passant. It does go over pawn promotion, and the kids try to do that every round.

Overall, this is great for beginners, and wonderful for little kids. I never thought I'd have a 4 year old that is excited to go home and play chess!

Orville Roddy
Best way to teach your kids, or anyone, to play chess

I bought this chess set to teach my son to play chess, since I figured it would be the least frustrating way for him to learn. Even on the first night that we played he was able to grasp the concepts of the game quite easily thanks to the card system that this set uses. Within a few games he was already confident enough to play without the cards. He still has a way to go, but this set has allowed him to enjoy chess, rather than be frustrated and quit learning the old fashioned way. Thanks to this, he has the opportunity for an engaging past time, and that is priceless.

Lisa Webb
This game is incredibly FUN & EASY!

I have been trying to learn how to play chess for 40 years. I had developed some sort of "chess phobia" that had generally manifested itself in frustration, embarrassment, and tears. I bought this game for my husband and I to play during the rough winters here in the Sierra Nevada's-we lose electricity quite often, and for extended periods. I had no real hope of actual enjoyment. I was just hoping that my hubby, a chess fanatic, would feel like I was joining him in something he loves so much. I cannot emphasize enough how much fun this game turned out to be. The first time we set it up and played, FOUR HOURS WENT BY BEFORE WE REALIZED OUR BUTTS WERE GETTING NUMB. We were laughing so hard, and the focus was on luck and fun, not strategy-the time just flew by. This game is worth every penny. On the evening of our tenth wedding anniversary, we sat down and played for a few hours as a treat to ourselves, and I guess that about says it all. Don't let the word "chess" intimidate you. Even if you're playing with an expert, it won't matter-the cards even out the situation by throwing in the element of luck. It was HILARIOUS watching my husband have to play the move on the card that was dealt!! Get this game IMMEDIATELY if you want to learn chess with zero pain.

Jared Kelly
Not only eases new players in, but is a great way to handicap advanced players

Yes, the cards turn chess into a game of luck rather than a game of strategy. It becomes a lot like Candyland actually, which is great for younger players learning the game since it makes it more likely they can win. What few other reviews seem to be mentioning, though, and what I want to focus on, is the handicap effect this has on more advanced players. One thing that frustrates me about playing with my 5-year-old is that I feel like I need to make deliberate blunders to let him win or he won't enjoy the game. With these cards though, I can play to the best of my ability and still lose because of the effective handicap they provide.

Walter Byers
An Effective Introduction to Strategy and Tactics

The way the pieces move isn't that hard to learn. The seven year old and the five year old both got it pretty quickly. The problem is one of strategy and tactics. While they both really wanted to play they didn't know exactly why they were moving the pieces and what is was, exactly, they needed to accomplish. Enter this game.

Because the cards dictate which piece has to be moved the young player is a bit on auto-pilot. They don't have to look at the board and 16 pieces and decide which one should go somewhere next. The card they draw tells them which piece to move. One guy was very aggressive, opening up on attack. The other was very defensive, making small and closed up moves. They began to see the larger picture, and after a few games they started to develop their own styles and really began to see how you attack and defend the king. It was actually pretty cool to see them "get" the point and flow of the game. We had great fun and made huge strides.




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