Relax and Play Chess Set

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  • Chess board and pieces
  • Challenge cards

The Relax and Play Chess Set is the ideal way for children to begin their journey to becoming grandmasters one day! There is no stress or urgency in this relaxing version of the iconic game. Chess is all about taking your time, and you will only get better when you learn to calm down and focus your thoughts. That is what Relax and Play Chess Set is all about, and you are guaranteed a fantastic challenge.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.1 x 10.7 x 12.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.45 pounds
  • Recommended Age: 7 - 12 years

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
Paige Barbera
Great Starter-It Teaches You!

My son is 8 years old, he got this as a gift. Neither of us knew how to play (I've always been intimidated by chess), after one game we were hooked. It walks you through everything and makes it so simple. Now we play so often, the board is ALWAYS on the coffee table (probably will look into a more decorative board soon). WOULD RECOMMEND TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN THE GAME-KID OR ADULT!

Abigale brandon
Seven or seventy two years old, you can learn the game.

It finally allows me to learn about the game without input from a competitive husband. It was frustrating for him to have to follow a draw a card approach to determine which piece to move. He is much more patient seeing I۪m actually learning the game. After fifty one years of marriage guess it was time. Our seven year old grandson learned with this.

Charles Kahng
Great game!

Purchased because my 10 year old son kept asking to play chess. I myself am not a chess master and this game has helped us all learn to play better! Beginner friendly and self explanatory. The card game is also great for younger kids. My 8yo had fun learning to play and then playing with the cards. Would definitely recommend for children or adults that want to learn or just get better

Maria DiLiddo
Great for kids who are learning the sportsmanship thing....

The benefit of this game is not really the fact the moves are printed on the cards. It takes kids very little time to remember the moves. The advantage of this game is that it brings luck and chance into the game, so it is not SOLELY about one's skill level.My kids belonged to a homeschool chess club, and, to my dismay, my daughter (then 5 and 6) really did not have the emotional maturity to handle LOSING as a direct consequence of her chess abilities. The problem though, is that it is really by LOSING at chess that you start learning how to win. She was actually a pretty good chess player, but she refused to play anyone she suspected might beat her, and eventually quit altogether and would read a book while her brothers played.This game got her to play chess again. There is still strategizing involved, particularly if you start playing the more advanced levels, but the fact that it is luck and chance that dictates which piece you must move somehow makes her feel better if she loses.So I give this game an A++++ for the perfectionist child in particular.

Dr. Corizzo
I recommend this game to anyone for learning chess.

So this game is a FANTASTIC way to learn chess. It's not the ONLY way, but it's an easy way for a parent who wants to play with their kid, but doesn't have time to learn with their kid teaching them.All of my kids (including my 5-6 year old, who can't even read!) have learned chess using this game. My nephew came over and was talking about wanting to learn chess, so we gave him No-Stress Chess for Christmas.Here's how it works:There's a deck of cards, and each card has a piece on it, with its allowable moves (graphically illustrated). There are also "move any piece you like" cards.* Level 1 - Set the board up as shown on the side with the pictures of pieces. The white color draws the first card, and moves one of their pieces as described. There are no real rules aside from that. If you don't have the piece described, you lose that turn. You CAN put your king into danger. Game is over only when the king is captured.This is brilliant because it's teaching the mechanics of how the pieces move, giving you a big picture of overall goal, but tying the arm of strategy behind your back. Thus, no-stress! It's the luck of the draw, and all you have to remember is when the king is captured, the game is over.* Level 2 - Once you have mastered how all the pieces move, it's time to throw a LITTLE strategy into the mix. Like level 1, you set the board up and shuffle up the cards. But in level 2, you draw a hand of 3 cards. Each turn, you pick a card to play, and play it. At the end of your turn, you draw a replacement card.This is a great progression because it allows for some strategic thought, but doesn't open wide the doors. You have a selection of pieces you can choose from that makes sense to win the game, but doesn't paralyze the player with too many choices! It builds that strategic muscle. You can progress here to a 5-card hand, if you want, too, which allows for even more strategic thinking.Level 3 - In no time at all, you'll find yourself wanting to play regular chess, and this game has all the regular rules of chess when you're ready for them. Flip the board over to the side where the pieces aren't printed on the board for easy setup, and you're ready to begin your journey to grand master.I love this game and highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn chess, but who is intimidated by all the variety of pieces, etc.




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