Tiny Bot STEM Pals

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  • Ogle and Zoom robots
  • 5 different companion apps
  • Xylophone and music lessons
  • Coding, critical thinking, and STEM lessons
  • Bulldozer bar, ball throwing parts and bunny ears

The Tiny Bot STEM Pals are here to teach your children all about music, STEM kit, coding, and a range of critical thinking skills. There are so many incredible different apps which can be paired with the two teacher bots, called Ogle and Zoom. They include coding lessons, music lessons, and entertaining introductions to STEM resources. There are also physical games which can be played with Ogle and Zoom, such as ball throwing and catching.


  • Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 7.3 x 6.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.83 pounds
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 years and up

Our SmartKidsPlanet initiative began in 2017 when 3 geeky and dedicated parents saw a gap in the children’s toys and games market. An opportunity was spotted while we struggled to find toys and games for our kids which enriched their minds and guided them toward science, art, math and construction. The trio then knew that their paths were set, establishing an online shop with a comprehensive range of intelligent toys for babies, children and young teenagers.

With offices based in California, our SmartKidsPlanet team enjoys a daily growth in our presence within the children’s educational toys market. We love our new place in life, and we love helping young minds with their growth and skill development, all while having as much fun as possible.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ho Myung
Dash went well beyond our expectations and we love it!

We picked this up for my kiddo when she got to the point of being able to read well. Before we had the basic programming mouse and she loved it. When she saw this it's all she wanted. So after she learned to read well (for a 6 year old) we picked this up as a reward. Let's start by saying, I love this thing. Seriously a really fun way to learn the concept of programming and logic. But my kid loves it too. I still help her out some with it, but overall she can do a lot with this. I do enjoy the 2 major ways to use this, a guided 'learning' path and a sandbox 'free-for-all' path. My daughter loves the guided path as it gives a small story and questline to follow. This robot can do a lot, way more then what I thought it could/would do. The possibilities are endless with this thing. We're looking at some attachments for this eventually. Overall very happy and HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with a child who's mechanically/scientifically/mathematically inclined. Dash will provide countless hours of entertainment for them.

Brian Mondragon
Highly recommended! Great quality and sturdy construction

Bought one for my 10 year old daughter for Christmas and my 8 year old son bought himself one several months later with his birthday money. The robots themselves are made from high quality parts and are very sturdy. The updates/setup take a while, so I'd recommend getting that all done a day or two before if you are planning to give Dash as a gift.

I chose Dash and Dot for my kids after reviewing 10-15 different kinds of robots and am very pleased with my decision. The team is doing a lot to keep the robots engaging including Scroll Quest missions, Dash and Dot Tv, and the robotics competition. My kids have had a few other robots before but Dash and Dot have definitely provided the most hours of play. I recommend getting started with Scroll Quest in the app. There is also an app which has an interface very similar to code.org which your child may have used before at school.

My kids even created a hide-and-seek game where they strap one phone to Dash's head and Facetime another phone that the seeker has. The seeker must stay in one place and drive Dash around to find the hider.

Donald Perfetto
Probably not the best for a 4 year old although very awesome in general

This is SO FUN!!

I bought it for my 4 year old nephew who I think is super smart (but I'm not biased or anything, ha). It was a bit advanced for him to do the formula-type stuff, but I had a lot of fun! Ha! He also loved doing the one-off tricks with him, like making him move or having him dance.

Surprisingly he still really loves this robot - it could be because of the way I've framed it, but I also think that as he gets older he'll love it even more.

chanda gawri
Fun until it malfunctions

Dash has been a wonderful toy and I love his durable plastic. The apps were fun and educational. But he is malfunctioning after not quite a year of use. We are out of our warranty period because I got him a few months before we gave him as a gift. I'm so disappointed. He won't turn off until he dies, and he and won't hold a charge any more. While he charges he does weird, static noises and lights, but you can't play with him any more because he dies as soon as you unplug. Reading other reviews, I see that this is now a common complaint. I really hoped this toy would have lasted longer! Does anyone know of a fix for this issue? I have searched online but haven't found a solution that worked.
**Edited to add: I am changing to 5 stars because it has been a dream to work with. I sent in an email and they sent me a new Dash within 2 days, even though I'm technically out of the warranty period! I am returning our malfunctioning one. I am so glad and grateful they take such good care of their customers.

Rita Rutherford
Best STEM Robotic Device on the market

(Bought this for a 5 year old) Absolutely OUTSTANDING product. As both a creative lead and tech developer, my personal standards for these types of devices is quite high and this little thing has not only met every expectation and promise, but exceeded them. In a world flooded with mediocre (or outright horrible) iterations of educational scientific / tech / STEM toys, it is incredibly satisfying to land on a product so well designed and constructed in every aspect of its envelope. MAJOR props to the teams behind the Dash. I cannot recommend it enough, both my 5 year old and myself find the device challenging and fun to use; a very difficult thing to accomplish.

- Slick product design and very solid / sturdy construction.
- Powerful, smooth and responsive motors, will not get stuck on simple objects in its path and can truck over changes in terrain such (rugs clothing) with little effort.
- Great battery life, and quick charging. I have not tested the full discharge, but you can easily get over an hour's worth of play-time out a partial charge (probably more).
- FANTASTIC companion application. I cannot overstate how incredibly well designed and implemented the robot and application are. The application It is one probably the best I have ever seen for a toy like this and easily the one thing that sets this above the rest. It is intuitive, responsive, and the education / tutoring progression section is phenomenal.




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